PragmatIC Semiconductor, a world leader in flexible electronics, is excited to be leading an Innovate UK, Smart Sustainability Plastic Packaging business project that will make reusable plastic packaging systems a reality at scale.

The project, code-named TRACE (Technology-enabled Reusable Assets for a Circular Economy) will use PragmatIC’s ultra-low-cost NFC technology to give reusable containers unique digital identities (UIDs) so that the packages can be efficiently and effectively returned and reused. 


The UIDs will be used throughout the lifecycle of the packages: firstly, by all the actors in the supply chain to track each item and provide detailed data that will demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits; and secondly, by the consumer to access their deposits or rewards, thereby building enduring relationships with brands and retailers. 

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Reusable models present a significant opportunity to reduce waste and its impact on the environment. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has estimated that at least 20% of single use plastic packaging could be replaced with a reusable alternative and converting to reuse models could be a USD 10 billion business opportunity.

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Reusable packaging

By taking a systematic view to reusable packaging, TRACE will develop new digital innovations across the complete cycle of recapture, sorting, cleaning and back-to-use of these assets, enabling new models for packaging-as-a-service. 

“As packaging is the dominant generator of plastic waste, we are continuously looking for ways in which we can use our technology to reduce that impact,” said Scott White, CEO of PragmatIC.

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“TRACE brings together leading academic and industry expertise to prove that reuse at scale will deliver significant benefits to the planet. This is why leading global packaging companies are working with us to accelerate the path to intelligent packaging”.

PragmatIC is delighted to be working with the following well-known academic and industry partners in the TRACE project: RECOUP, Topolytics, University of Sheffield, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Ken Mills Engineering.