Molson Coors, the world’s seventh-largest brewer and producers of Carling, is launching a London hub for its premium beer brands.

Its marketing teams for premium brands, which include witbier Blue Moon, were previously based in Burton-on-Trent, but will move down to London. This is in the hope of driving empathy and closeness with a different market.

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The brand’s headquarters will remain in Burton-on-Trent, but the premium sales team, also known as Brew and Press, will move with the marketing team to the capital.

Brew and Press was created after the brand realised how different strategy needed to be to sell premium brands to higher-end retailers. This move for its premium marketing team is based on the same motivations.

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Molson Coors’ Marketing and Consumer Excellence Director UK & Ireland, Jim Shearer, told Marketing Week: “[London] has the greatest concentration of consumers, customers and occasions, whether that is beer or any other category.

“I want my marketers to be immersed in that every single moment of every single day rather than just dipping in and out.”

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In March, Molson Coors’ US arm, MillerCoors, lodged a legal complaint against rival brewing giant, AB InBev, after a Superbowl advert that attacked MillerCoors for its use of corn syrup in MillerCoors beers.