The award-winning ‘We Are Not An Island’ for HSBC UK has kicked off again for the new year, built upon by London’s Wunderman Thompson UK – in a campaign titled ‘Home to so much more’.

The integrated campaign featured cover wraps on the Metro and Evening Standard in the first week of January, as well as ads in key national newspapers.

It encompasses OOH activity, with 48 sheets across the UK, including at train station locations; digital OOH, including the Piccadilly Lights; and a TV ad featuring comedian Richard Ayoade once again.

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In the spot Ayoade asks “where are you from?”, going from place to place and historical point to historical point – to emphasise how fluid our identites are. He eventually concludes it’s more about “where do you feel at home?”, and says: “We are not an island. We are home to so much more.”

HSBC: ‘Home to so much more’

In total, the campaign will cover press, outdoor, social, and be seen on TV, VOD, and in cinemas.

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Chris Pitt, Chief Marketing Officer at HSBC UK, said: “In 2018 we launched our ‘We are not an Island’ campaign which drew on the belief that the people, communities and businesses of the UK thrive most when they remain connected and open.“In our new campaign, we build on our brand values of being open and connected and consider the question of belonging and what it means to call the UK home. Our answers celebrate the rich diversity that makes the UK what it is today.”

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Steve Aldridge, UK Chief Creative Officer of Wunderman Thompson, said: “The new campaign for HSBC explores the concept of belonging at a time when many people and communities are questioning their place in society.

“The response we deliver is one that is indomitably optimistic and outward-looking.

People of all backgrounds have a place in Britain and the message we communicate for HSBC is that we all thrive more when we are connected to something bigger than ourselves.

This campaign places HSBC firmly at the centre of an important cultural dialogue that is taking place in the UK today.”