GXO Logistics plans to hire 3000 new employees in France to meet the strong demand for its eCommerce solutions.

“We are looking forward to welcoming new members to our teams and integrating them into our operations and our culture of safety, diversity and inclusion,” said Bernard Wehbe, GXO France Managing Director.

“When we hire at GXO, we don’t just create jobs; we create careers. We are looking for talented professionals who share our values, our excitement in using innovative technologies and who will support our growth while developing their own careers.”

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GXO has begun recruiting for logistics agents, materials handlers, maintenance technicians and inventory managers. The company also will recruit for a variety of other positions, including managerial functions such as team leaders and operation managers, process and flow engineers, and project managers.

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Because employees are at the heart of its business, GXO is constantly developing new programs to attract, develop and retain talent to be an “employer of choice” based around strong core values.

Throughout the company, employees receive extensive training that enhances safety, improves productivity and allows for skills development and personal well-being at work. Some members of the new teams joining the new logistics platforms are from the result of internal mobility and career development programs. 

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GXO is also investing heavily in technology and automation, including collaborative robots, or cobots, and other innovations that allow employees to work safely, be more productive and enjoy a more satisfying overall work experience. As a result of these efforts, GXO can offer its employees the opportunity to create career paths that will reshape the logistics industry.