Language learning app Duolingo has partnered up with Angry Birds 2 for a month-long UK partnership, which will see both apps’ bird mascots crossing into the other platform.

The green Duolingo owl, Duo, appears as a “branded spell” in Rovio’s new Angry Birds 2, while Red the Angry Bird will be a reward video ad mid-lesson on Duolingo.

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The campaign also features a high-intensity crossover video for the two avian characters doing what they do best – Duo with a passive agressive stare at an app user ignoring their reminders, and Red failing to control his anger.

Colin Watkins, Country Manager UK at Duolingo, said: “How often do you get to bring together two iconic characters like this in such a fun way?

It’s been a pleasure working with Rovio to bring this crossover to life and we hope the millions of Duolingo and Angry Bird fans out there will find it fun and provide them with more encouragement to keep learning.”

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