International parcel delivery firm DPD Group has started using environmentally friendly bikes designed by Oxford-based EAV in London.

EAV said Project 1, its new last-mile delivery vehicle – an electric-assisted, cargo, peddle bike, was designed in partnership with London creative lab, New Territory.

DPDgroup UK, has placed an initial order on the vehicle and has begun utilising the bike across the capital, EAV said.

The bike, is practical and easily operated and was developed to revolutionise the process of urban delivery, reducing the impact it has on the firm’s carbon footprint and pollution, EAV said.

This launch is the first step in EAV and New Territory’s shared vision to transform urban mobility for the better as they explore other uses for the technology in their product.

“There has to be a cultural change in the way we all think about transport and its effect on our environment”, said Nigel Gordon-Stewart, managing director at EAV Cargo.

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“Current last-mile delivery solutions are one particular strain as one of the most costly and highly polluting segments of the supply chain.

“We want the move towards zero emissions to also tackle weight and the wear and tear that current vehicles can leave on our cities’ infrastructure.

“At EAV we firmly believe that you could replace nearly all internal, combustion engine vehicles and even heavy electric vehicles in urban and rural environments with pedal-assist equivalents that still retain all the features, enjoyment and comforts of the vehicles we’re culturally used to.”

The quiet, four-wheeled vehicle is peddled and steered like a traditional bike, as well as having an electric motor which kicks in to assist the driver.

Reducing carbon footprint

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It can reach speeds of approximately 20mph without leaving any level of pollution. It is narrow enough to fit down a cycle path and can hold six cargo containers one time within the stable cargo platform.

The technology and engineering of the vehicle was developed by EAV with New Territory responsible for its appearance and functionality.

This includes the ‘friendly’ aesthetic of its headlights and wingmirrors and the fact that it is compatible with all charging stations.

Luke Miles, co-founder and creative director at New Territory commented: “We believe next generation mobility solutions like EAV can help to underpin cleaner and simpler community-minded futures – evolving the physical and emotional relationship people have with vehicles.

“Our work for EAV, moves from the overarching brand to the products and services themselves.

“The cargo bike is the first of a number of new products and services that will help to re-engineer the way objects and people are moved around.”

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Neutralising carbon

Dwain McDonald, CEO at DPDgroup UK commented: “EAV is an incredibly innovative company and it has been fantastic to work alongside a British manufacturer to create such a highly customisable solution.

“Our aim is to be the most responsible city centre delivery company, which means neutralising our carbon footprint and developing smarter, cleaner and more sustainable parcel delivery services.

“Not only does the P1 look amazing, it is also incredibly smart, flexible and future-proofed.

“As a result, the P1 is perfect for UK city centres and we are really looking forward to adding it to our rapidly expanding zero emission fleet in July.”

Project 1 has a payload of 150kg whilst the battery packs can be removed for charging and replacing, catering for battery technology improvements.

The first vehicle was on the streets on the 26th June.