St. Luke’s London has adapted the original NHS logo and reversed it to SHN to promote the simple message during the coronavirus crisis – “Stay Home Now“.

On Saturday (March 21st) LBC listeners heard from Dr. Jack, who poignantly called upon the public to stay at home as much as possible during the pandemic to relieve the enormous pressure on the health service.

St. Luke’s has created a social media friendly call to arms in response – designed to be shared online, it simply reverses the instantly recognisable NHS logo, to reinforce the “Stay Home Now (SHN)” message.

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The reversed logo, to be shared far and wide, is accompanied by the words: “STAY HOME NOW… Don’t send our NHS backwards #StayHomeNow #StayHomeSavesLives @NHSuk #NHSCovidHeroes”.

Richard Denney, Executive Creative Director at St Luke’s commented:

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“My mum is a recently retired nurse so I felt we needed to do something. What the NHS is doing right now cannot be taken for granted or lightly. We MUST support and try to protect them by doing our bit and staying at home. It’s not a difficult ask.”

Neil Henderson, Chief Executive Officer at St Luke’s commented:

“We were moved by the plea of Dr Jack and wanted to land his message as powerfully as we could. Never has behaviour change been so critical.”

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Last night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the general public would be required to stay in as much as possible, and only leave their homes for a select few reasons – including working in key roles, shopping for food, and doing one form of exercise a day.