Channel 4 has commissioned a three part documentary that will look at the life of gypsies and Irish travellers, with ex-soldier and explorer, Ed Stafford.

Following the success of 60 Days on the Street, aired in March 2019, the broadcaster has chosen to recommission the format for 60 Days with the Gypsies.

The 3 x 60’ series, a Boundless production, will see Ed immerse himself into Romani Gypsy and Irish Travelling culture for 60 days, to provide an honest, unflinching insight from the inside.

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At a time when the Government is considering new police powers which will make the traditional Travelling way of life more difficult, Ed will delve beneath the stereotypes, building relationships with individuals in an endeavour to question everything we think we know about the Gypsy and Traveller lifestyle.

Ed Stafford in 60 Days on the Street
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The programme will also look at why the conflict between settled communities and Gypsies is so prevalent.

As part of the production team, Boundless has brought on Jake Bowers, a Romani journalist and filmmaker, as a consultant to help navigate these stories in an authentic and sensitive way.

Ed Stafford said: ‘’Like homelessness, Gypsy and Travelling communities are often shrouded in negativity despite very little understanding and I want to learn more.

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-I have no qualms about immersing myself in every ritual, tradition and aspect of the culture in order to get to know the individuals and unpick the existing stereotypes.”

Neil Smith, MD of Boundless said: “Ed’s raw and honest portrayal of life on the streets struck a chord with the British public and we’re back to tell another important story of a marginalised community from their perspective.”