To celebrate its new carbon-neutral cask beer, Black Sheep Brewery has opened what they’re calling the ‘freshest pub in Yorkshire.’

The Earth Day popup is located at an elevation higher than any other location within town limits and allows visitors to enjoy fresh draft beers and delicious food from local vendors while surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery including mountainside views of Skipton Gate Bridge.

The Breathe Inn is located beneath Yorkshire’s iconic Ribblehead Viaduct, with only one beer on tap – Respire.

Like a breath of fresh air, Respire is a soft and pillowy Session IPA laced with juicy notes of citrus and tropical fruits.

Not only that, but Black Sheep’s new permanent addition to its cask range is also completely carbon neutral. The brewery has undergone a detailed carbon-footprinting of Respire before then offsetting the footprint through funding high impact bio-diversity projects via official carbon credits.

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In addition, Black Sheep has also partnered with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust so that every pint of Respire contributes to the planting of trees across the Yorkshire Dales.  

The unique pop-up pub offers hikers a moment of respite as they take on one of Yorkshire’s famous three-peaks routes, allowing punters to enjoy the fresh air and breath-taking views, washed down with a refreshing, eco-friendly beer.

The launch comes as Black Sheep marks its 30th birthday, by embarking on a mission to tackle the misconceptions that surround cask ale, helping reposition the drink and bring it to a new, younger and diverse demographic.

Charlene Lyons, Chief Executive at Black Sheep Brewery, said:

“The Breathe Inn is the perfect pit-stop for those with a love for the great outdoors – and of course, for beer!

“We’ve always prided ourselves on going against the grain in this industry, which is exactly why we’ve launched Respire, our first carbon-neutral cask beer as part of our mission to become a more environmentally sustainable brewery – and we hope other breweries will follow suit.

“Respire is a light, refreshing pint with a purpose, and beyond being an environmentally-friendly cask beer, we hope its release will help us to combat the misconceptions that exist around the cask beer category. For too long, cask beer has found itself unfairly categorised as a drink for the older generation, losing ground to newer, on-trend drinks. But we know this just isn’t true – cask beer is a drink that everyone of all backgrounds, genders, cultures, and ages can enjoy (above 18 of course!).

Cask beer boasts a plethora of environmentally-friendly properties due to the repeated use of the container which has a life span of over 20 years. We hope that innovations like Respire will help us not only become more sustainable, but also help to shed light on the additional benefits that cask beer offers drinkers.”

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Respire will be exclusively available from Black Sheep’s pub estate from Earth Day – April 22nd before becoming available to pubs across the country from 24th April.

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