Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if she’s sexually interested in you. Women can be funny creatures and what may seem obvious to her may not be quite so obvious to you. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending some time with an attractive woman, hoping to catch a sign that she’s interested in you but ultimately thinking that she isn’t, only to find out from a friend that actually she was very interested – it’s just that you didn’t pick up on the signs and she was waiting for you to make the first move. It’s an opportunity missed, but here are three ways to tell if she’s got the hots for you so that you don’t miss opportunities that come by in the future!

  • Hair-flicking/fiddling. This is actually a very tell-tale, yet subtle sign that she’s interested. Most often, she won’t even realise she is doing it herself. The act of hair-flicking, hair-stroking or anything else pertaining to the hair is an unconscious act of self-consciousness which means she cares about what you think of her looks. Before a woman leaves the house in the morning, she ensures her hair is looking the way she wants it to. Throughout the day, the hair may become tousled or slightly unkempt. Hair-flicking is a subconscious method of attempting to get the hair looking ‘attractive’ and putting it into place without actually going through the lengths of doing so. It is also a way of exposing the neck, shoulders and sometimes cleavage, which is usually another sign she is attracted as she will want you to notice these assets (peacocks do a similar thing in the wild when they show off their feathers).


  • Avoiding eye contact. Though we live in an age where feminism is embraced and encouraged, many women are still very shy and will go to great lengths to ensure the object of their affections has no idea they’re interested in them. If you notice her looking everywhere but at you, it’s usually a tell-tale sign that she’s interested in you. Either that or there’s some remnant of pizza stuck to your face and she doesn’t have the heart to tell you so it’s best to avoid looking at you altogether.


  • Outfit adjustment: Pay close attention during the duration of the time you are talking to her. Body language can be very subtle, but also very telling. Notice the way she adjusts her top while in your presence. If she’s sexually attracted, she will pull it lower down so her cleavage is on display, or she will puff her chest out to make you notice that region of her body. If she’s wearing a skirt, she may make attempts to shorten it, riding it higher above the waist. By contrast, if she’s not attracted she may attempt to cover herself up more and her body language will be almost forbidding.

So keep an eye out for any of these signs and you just might enjoy some exciting times ahead with a lovely lady! Remember, ladies always like a man who shows signs of confidence and can make her laugh so be sure to practice in the mirror and get learning those party tricks!.