In January. 26, 2017, Goodyear unveiled new tyre products in an event that had more than 2,000 attendants, including other top manufacturers. Disruptive technologies have been incorporated into the tyres, and the Tyre Optix software was also launched—it measures the tread wear and pressure of tyres while storing the information in the cloud in real time.

This means that drivers worldwide will get to benefit from the new products. They include the following:

–  Assurance Maxlife – This is a long lasting tyre that can fit a saloon car, minivan, or SUV; it comes with a longer tread life and a warranty of 103,000 kilometers. The TredLife Technology used in the tyre enables it to deliver 30 percent more than is the case with the standard tyre. You’ll also know the size of treads left through a gauging feature moulded into the tyres.

– Eagle Enforcer (All Weather) – This brand is designed for police cars, especially patrol cars that are in constant movement and may require hot pursuit. The All Weather is responsive all year-round, thus guaranteeing optimal performance by reducing the occurrence of flat tyres. The tyre is optimised with a soy-based rubber material to handle traction effectively.

– Fuel Max SSD drive & Fuel Max SST trailer – These two brands are designed for long-haul fleets that carry tons of luggage. These tyres lower fuel consumption significantly because of their wide-base design. Both these tyres have a DuraSeal Technology feature that instantly seals punctures smaller than ¼ inch.

– Endurance LHS  & WHD – These tyres were created for use in commercial trucks and are specially designed to make long-haul steering effortless. The tyre is appropriate for use in waste-hauler vehicles.

Michelin airless tyres:

Michelin is also a top brand in tyre technology, and they have unveiled an airless tyre created by a 3D printer that can last practically forever. Flat tyres will be a thing of the past and you will never be required to inflate the tyres during your car’s lifetime.

The technology used imitates the function of human lungs; the interior part is solid while the outer part is flexible. This is what consequently prevents flat tyres and blowouts. The Michelin airless tyres are made from biodegradable, recyclable, and organic materials.

The future of tyre technology:

A smart tyre concept is under development and mass production will follow shortly after.  The concept is comprised of several categories of technologies such as core, safety, and ENASAVE (for positive environmental contributions). This disruptive technology will provide vehicles with an assortment of tyres such as airless tyres, performance sustaining, active tread, and sensing core. Smart tyres will provide enhanced performance under all types of roads and weather conditions thus giving the driver better control of the vehicle and a safer drive.

Expect even more designs in the future as technology continues to unveil different ways to deliver better products during the manufacturing process. There is more growth opportunity for manufacturers and wholesalers with the production of cars steadily increasing every year.