From a riveting World Cup to an English Premier League that saw two of the most celebrated managers’ exit, to a thrilling Champions League’s final, it’s undoubted that there were tons of drama in football in 2018, and many of them will remain engraved on our memories.

Here is the list of the most memorable football moments that graced 2018:


  1. Mbappe Star shines as France Lifts the World Cup Trophy


Kylian Mbappe becomes the second teenager – of course after Pele – to score twice in a world cup final. He managed to help his team, France, in scooping the most coveted trophy that had eluded some of the big names like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Sports pundits argue that Mbappe is a man to watch in 2019, having pocketed 13 league goals in only 11 matches, posing a competition to Lionel Messi who’s the only player that has scored many goals in Europe’s best leagues.


  1. A Riveting Champions League Final


The memories of this final will continue to linger in football fans’ minds for the unforeseeable period. The match was between the then reigning champions Real Madrid and five-time victors Liverpool.

The game was full of errors and displays some of the amazing footwork skills in the history of football. For example, Liverpool’s goalkeeper, Loris Karius, saw the end of his career after throwing the ball directly at the fierce Karim Benzema giving Real Madrid the first goal of the match. If that wasn’t enough, Kariu’s spilled Garthe Bale’s strike into his own net giving their opponents a 3-1 win.

However, while this match is touted as one of the most memorable and undoubtedly classical experiences in football history, there was another one to come a couple of weeks later…


  1. England Win Penalty Shootout At The World Cup


Many believed England reaching 2018 World Cup semi-finals was equivalent to a miracle, but that was not surprising when compared to winning a breath-taking penalty shootout.  The gods seemed to be conspiring against Gareth Southgate’s victory when Jordan Henderson’s penalty shot was saved. Later, Eric Dier and goalkeeper Jordan Pickford demonstrated their worth in the team by helping England edge out Colombia.


  1. Jose Mourinho Finally Leaving Manchester United


At least almost everyone knew that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would be the next interim manager at Old Trafford, but no one had the roughest idea that Jose Mourinho – the blessed one – was to be sacked any time sooner. The official Mourinho’s dismissal was announced after a fatal Manchester 3-1 defeat by their rivals, Liverpool.


  1. Arsene Wenger bids Arsenal Farewell


It was a long-awaited moment in football but no one knew when it would happen. Approximately 25% of the UK’s population had never witnessed football without Wenger as Arsenal’s Manager. On 20th April 2018, Wenger had announced his departure which was to happen at the end of the season. The football club conducted a seven-game goodbye tour for their long-serving manager before his final exit.

Surely, 2018 was a year that most of the football fans will live to remember. The year was full of surprises ranging from unforeseeable dismissal news to some of the most amazing wins in football history.