Interesting question, do indeed all escorts offer the same services? Many years ago, this was perhaps a much easier question to answer as the perceived choice of services was then somewhat limited. None of the fancy acronyms that exist now were around, offering a myriad of escort services, some of which are not even understood by many people anyway.

Guys booked an escort years ago for pretty much one thing alone and we don’t really need to explain what this is. But the internet age of sharing information has caught up with escorts and the agencies now and the discerning guy that wants to book an escort has more choice than ever before.

 Book A GFE experience:

Some guys know exactly what they want from an experience. A GFE or girlfriend experience is relatively straight forward. Booking an escort to share some girlfriend type experiences. So, this will include kissing and hand holding and to all intents and purposes booking a lady to act as your girlfriend for the evening. This may well be to attend an event, a dinner or night out somewhere in public and be seen with someone, or it may be purely for that a guy receives from having this personal attention for a few hours during an evening.

But things get a little more interesting when considering some of the other services that escorts now offer gents. For example, if the couple are to become a little more intimate then the guy may want to book an escort for some DFK. What is DFK – Deep French Kissing. This is an essential requirement for many guys that want the whole escort experience to be a little more realistic and satisfying. In their view how can they experience these intimate acts without bringing the closeness that DFK offers.

This can lead onto other services that escorts offer, including the obvious OWO. We don’t really need to explain what OWO escort services mean but using a little imagination can quickly make the guy realise that the escort is offering a service of the most intimate nature without anything coming between her and your sensitivity.

Try a CIM or OWO Escort:

The possibilities are as endless as the imagination and you can bet your life that there will be escorts available to satisfy your every requirement. Progressing from booking an OWO escort is probably finding an escort that offers the CIM service.

Again, not much imagination required here, CIM is the act that follows OWO and allows the guy to reach a natural conclusion in the most intimate part of a lady as she pleasures with her mouth. If this is important to a guy then he should browse the high-class escort agency website to find an escort that offers a CIM service.

Watersports is always a great service:

What else is available for guys looking for something potentially a little more exciting or a niche service? A WS escort offers an exciting service that is becoming very popular with many guys. WS – use your imagination if you are not totally sure what this service entail but perhaps a few clues. Make sure that you prepare by laying towels on the bed as protection, and hopefully you are going to enjoy being the recipient of a good soaking. Often called golden showers, book a WS escort and you will receive her ultimate golden gift from her most intimate place.

Like being dominated or submissive? BDSM is for you then:

Pretty much everyone is familiar with a BDSM escort and the services that she offers. A little light domination and perhaps restraint. Humiliation possibly for the recipient and this can be a big turn on for guys in high pressure jobs demanding leadership and level-headed decision making. The attraction of being submissive and of being told what to do can be a great relief for some people.

So, do all escorts offer the same services? No, but don’t let that worry you. Different guys want different things. Likewise, many escorts specialise in different areas – most likely because they enjoy different things just like the guys.

Would you like to try any of these services? – We know just the right place for you:

It is always in your best interest to carefully select your young, hot and sexy lady when you decide to book an escort tonight.

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If you are still unsure on what these acronyms mean or you would like to understand more then check out this article on sex slang explained which gives you a full overview of the slang in the industry.