Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the biggest celebrity couple, which makes them the staple of showbiz. Many people still wonder how the Suits actress became royalty, but almost all agree that she does fit in. The couple is undeniably one of the cutest. However, not many people are aware of the interesting facts about the royal couple.

Before they met, Harry had a crush on Meghan:

This is not surprising at all since Meghan was a TV star and her image was already in the public domain. Prince Harry once remarked that his ideal future wife would be Meghan Markle.

Meghan did not know a lot about Harry:

Interestingly, Meghan was not aware that his Prince Charming was already eyeing her. In fact, she told BBC that since she grew up in the US, she did not know much about the royal family while growing up. The two met through a mutual friend.

Prince Harry proposed over a roast chicken:

Their engagement story is epic: the two were roasting a chicken when suddenly Prince Harry went down on his knee and proposed. Meghan immediately said yes, she did not even wait for him to finish.

Meghan has a great influence on Harry:

According to the People, Prince Harry revealed that he is more willing to talk to Meghan about his past, especially the trauma he experienced when he lost his mother. Meghan also helped him to live a healthier life by influencing him to party less and stop smoking.

Prince Harry also influences Meghan:

CNN recently reported that Meghan was greeting a crowd in a British accent. However, The Guardian reported that it’s normal to pick up your partner’s accent, especially when you want to impress them.

They live in Kensington Palace:

The couple lives in the same apartment where Prince Harry lived as a child with his mother Princess Diana. This is a fairy tale in real life.

More interesting facts:

  •    The couple holds hand in public despite the act being forbidden by the royal code.
  •    Their wedding was on a Saturday making them the only royal couple to get married on a weekend.
  •    Before the Queen blessed the marriage, the couple’s engagement was not official.
  •    Meghan became a Duchess after the wedding.
  •    Meghan is three years older than Harry.
  •    Harry designed the engagement ring.
  •    Meghan is a divorcee and this is her second marriage.
  •    Allegedly, Meghan is related to William Shakespeare.
  •    Harry attended military school and was later deployed to Afghanistan.
  •    Harry set up an AIDS organisation named Sentebale in South Africa.
  •    Meghan once appeared as a model on the reality TV show Deal or No Deal.
  •    Harry is a football fan who supports Arsenal and unwinds by playing FIFA.
  •    Meghan’s is a mixed race of white (father) and black (mother).
  •    Before her big break on Suits, Meghan was a certified calligrapher.
  •    In college, Meghan double-majored in international relations and theatre.