Going on a holiday alone? Well, this should be a must-do for everyone, at least once in their lifetime. While fellow travelers might prove to be great acquaintances or even great Facebook friends, meeting someone you can date has its perks. Dating in 2019 is harder when you don’t have an app like Tinder to connect you with people nearby, but it doesn’t have to be futile. Here are some tried and tested ways for meeting people when on holiday alone.

Take a Tour

Before you defame flag-totting group tours, they can be great avenues for dating when done correctly. First, get a few guidebooks and sign up for the tours you like. Tours are synonymous to a slow-moving herd; however, you can find other like-minded people within the group. Signing up for niche groups such as music tours, pub crawl, foodies or workouts increases your chances of finding a perfect match.

Eat With is an excellent program (similar to Airbnb) where a local family whips up a meal and hosts dinner at their home.

Go to an Ex-Pat Bar

Expat bars are the meeting points for professional wanderlusts when they’re away from home; it’s easy to spot a Scottish bartender, a familiar beer brand, and other travellers too in these establishments. Once everyone feels comfortable and at home, relationships blossom right away, and you can check to date off the to-do list here.

Attend Festivals

There are numerous local and international festivals around the world such as Oktoberfest. Since most festivals last for three to five days, getting acquainted as early as possible is a sure way of establishing strong bonds before the highlight of the event. To make friends fast, form your own circle of people with similar interests and passions then identify a potential partner.

Visit Same Places Daily

If your trip will last for a week, create a routine of visiting the same places daily. This is a great way to meet the locals. For example, go to the same restaurant every morning and after drinking your tea or coffee, sit there for a while. A laptop or book will keep you busy until someone captures your attention. If you notice another person doing this, you’ll have a great ice breaker topic.

Volunteer Somewhere

When you donate your time, whether it is to mentor teenagers or feed the homeless, you will be able to meet other people with similar values. The shared experiences will also broaden your network.  

Book a Social Hotel

Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean a hostel. With the growing trend of sharing economy, travellers nowadays prefer social hotels that have plenty of lounges, co-working spaces, and interactive activities. Book a hotel with a common area or one that offers a happy hour. On the other hand, luxury hotels are mainly for travellers occupied by a business or would prefer to be alone.  

You have to be social, exciting, and adventurous to get a date without apps. Even if you don’t get romance, you might get a few lifelong friends.  

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