French seer, Nostradamus, appears to have returned with a warning for the year ahead, his followers believe. The mysterious physician who was born in 1503 and whose legions of fans have credited him with predicting the Great Fire of London, the Rise of Adolf Hitler and the attack on the Twin Towers to name a few may have dire warnings for what his followers believe will mark the beginning of violence and catastrophe, kicking off in 2019.

The first is an assassination attempt on President Trump during his second term. The French seer’s prophecy is translated to have said that Trump will get a second term, but an attack will be made on his life which will narrowly fail. As well as this, Nostradamus foretells a renewed relationship with Russian’s Vladimir Putin and armed conflict in the Middle East. This, his followers believe, will mark the beginning of all-out war, a new world war which could last twenty-three years.

Nostradamus naturally has his critics, who dismiss his claims as smoke and nonsense, particularly as dates were never provided by the seer, insisting that anything with such ambiguity can be interpreted as anyone would like. This has not dampened the conviction of his followers, however, several of which view themselves as psychics also. One ardent Nostradamus supporter claims that Brexit (of which there is no record within the Nostradamus files) will find itself exiting the European Union with a No Deal, that Theresa May will hang on until March and that leadership will be taken up by Boris Johnson. Another widely-known seer, Baba Vanga, foresaw the economic collapse of the EU and its subsequent implosion, as well as Russia being hit by a meteorite in 2019; Baba Vanga also predicted that a member of Putin’s security team will attempt to kill him before the year is out. She also claimed that President Trump would fall victim to a mysterious illness, resulting in nausea, brain trauma and hearing loss.

The gift of clairvoyance is one that has been around since the dawn of time. In today’s skeptical, science-based society, the average joe views such prophecies as the ramblings of a lunatic or medieval nonsense. Still, many may wonder – could there be any truth to the predictions of Nostradamus, Baba or other clairvoyants who consider themselves to have ‘the gift’? Clairvoyants were popular, upstanding members of society back in the 1300’s; they were revered and respected by both the aristocracy and peasants, where the local ‘witch’ was seen as the village doctor. Things changed drastically when organised religion took hold in England and clairvoyants, witches and anyone considered to have ‘unusual abilities’ were hunted down, tortured and executed. We have come a long way in the last few hundred years and, today, such abilities are epitomised only in the media and Hollywood films; but whether there is any truth to the prophecies of today remain to be seen and we will certainly find out by the time the year is out.