Although 2018 was brim-filled with iconic fashion statements such as the return of the 1980s tropical prints and silhouettes, 2019 appears to be even more iconic. Fashion trends require you to be a step ahead so think early, even if you don’t have a sharp eye for it, you’ll still shine.

Marigold Yellow

Bright colours are trendy again, and the marigold yellow is a top choice. In 2018 at the New York Fashion Week, some designers like Carolina Herrera and Brandon Maxwell showcased this colour as the centrepiece. Integrating the marigold yellow into your outfits brightens up most looks, especially for summer and spring. The colour is also appropriate for casual occasions such as a weekend brunch.

Snakeskin and Print

Animal prints have always been a staple for several decades; zebra stripes and leopard prints were the most popular in 2018. Slowly replacing these two is the snakeskin albeit being overlooked for being too pricey. Of course, you can still substitute it for snake prints because they’re equally trendy but cheaper. Snakeskin enthusiasts can go full print or incorporate leather into the outfit. You can also combine the snakeskin and marigold yellow trends.


This exciting trend witnessed a revamped rebirth when the print comprised brand names in 2018, an indicator that the trend has fully evolved from its backyard DIYs beginnings. Famous designers have managed to infuse the retro-classic print with new life. Tie-dye trend also fits accessories such as fabric earrings and casual ties for men. For your wardrobe, get a hoodie that can be used as a layering piece during winter, a clutch bag, or a jumpsuit for casual weekends or travelling.

Patchwork Party

Considered as the edgiest outfit for weddings, patchwork is set to dominate the 2019 fashion scenery with a varied landscape from designers like Libertine and Diane Von Furstenberg. Patchwork fuels maximalism and even if you break the bank, you’ll be a conversation starter at high-end functions when wearing it. If you’re not sure about the movement, you can start with patchwork accessories instead.

Statement Sleeves

This fashion statement has been slowly making a mark and it’s only getting bigger in 2019. According to Instagram, the size of the sleeves is becoming bigger and bolder. Before, statement sleeves were only a summer/ spring trend; now, puffy sleeves are used for elevating the look of a sweater or blazer.  The statement sleeves come also in midi dresses that can be worn at the office, on holiday, and outdoor functions.


Following consistent cases against animal testing, many designers opted for eco-friendly fashion practices in 2018. The trend is expected to continue for years to come particularly because celebrities such as Meghan Markle promote it; the duchess’ reformation dress sold out after her pictures wearing it went viral. In addition, the Duchess prefers to wear ethical brands, and therefore her fans are automatically interested in the eco-friendly brands in her collection.  

2019 is more focused in balancing comfort and style to achieve a versatile look. Keep a few items from these styles in your wardrobe because the trends appeal for official and casual occasions.